Last modified: Dec 7, 2012

Current and Pending Support

This section of the proposal calls for required information on all current and pending support for ongoing projects and proposals, including subsequent funding in the case of continuing grants.  All current project support from whatever source (e.g., Federal, State, local or foreign government agencies, public or private foundations, industrial or other commercial organizations) must be listed.  The proposed project and all other projects or activities requiring a portion of time of the PI and other senior personnel must be included, even if they receive no salary support from the project(s).  The total award amount for the entire award period covered (including indirect costs) must be shown as well as the number of person-months per year to be devoted to the project, regardless of source of support.  Similar information must be provided for all proposals already submitted or submitted concurrently to other possible sponsors, including NSF.  Concurrent submission of a proposal to other organizations will not prejudice its review by NSF.

  • Have I included this for all senior project personnel?
  • Have all applicable personnel included this proposal as “Pending”?
  • Was planned effort included?