Last modified: Mar 12, 2015

NSF Proposal Preparation

Proposals must comply with NSF font, spacing and margin requirements. Conformance with all preparation and submission instructions is required and will be strictly enforced by NSF unless a deviation has been approved in advance of proposal submission. Please note that NSF may return without review proposals that are not consistent with these instructions.

The list to the left is not intended to be an all-inclusive repetition of the required proposal contents and associated proposal preparation guidelines. It is, however, meant to highlight certain critical items so they will not be overlooked when the proposal is prepared:

General Questions:

  • Is my proposal is responsive to the program announcement/solicitation or to the GPG?
  • If my proposal has been previously declined and is being resubmitted, has this proposal been revised to take into account the major comments from the prior NSF review?
  • Is this proposed work appropriate for funding by NSF, and is not a duplicate of, or substantially similar to, a proposal

Note that GPG Chapter II.D contains special proposal preparation instructions for certain types of proposals.