Last modified: Oct 26, 2012

Budget Justifications

Detailed Budgets:

Use the budget justification to provide the additional information requested in each budget category identified above and any other information the applicant wishes to submit to support the budget request. The following budget categories must be justified, where applicable: equipment, travel, participant/trainee support and other direct cost categories. Only one file may be attached.

Use this section to list the names, role (e.g., PostDoc or Graduate Student), associated months, salary and fringe benefits for all Postdoctoral Associates and Graduate Students included in Budget Section B. Other Personnel.

Include a justification for any significant increases or decreases from the initial year budget. Justify budgets with more than a standard escalation from the initial to the future year(s) of support. Also use this section to explain any exclusions applied to the F&A base calculation.

If the application includes a subaward/consortium budget, a separate budget justification is submitted for that budget.

Modular Budget Justifications

  • Personnel Justification: List all personnel, including names, number of person months devoted to the project (indicate academic, calendar, and/or summer) and roles on the project. Do not provide individual salary information. Since the modules should be a reasonable estimate of costs allowable, allocable, and appropriate for the proposed project, you must use the current legislatively imposed salary limitation when estimating the number of modules. For guidance on current salary limitations contact your office of sponsored programs.NIH grants also limit the compensation for graduate students. Compensation includes salary or wages, fringe benefits, and tuition remission. This limit should also be used when estimating the number of modules.
  • Consortium Justification: Provide an estimate of total costs (direct plus facilities and administrative) for each year, rounded to the nearest $1,000. When more than one consortium is involved, provide this estimate for each. List the individuals/organizations with whom consortium or contractual arrangements have been made, along with all personnel, including percent of effort (in person months) and roles on the project. Do not provide individual salary information. Indicate whether the collaborating institution is foreign or domestic. While only the direct cost for a consortium/contractual arrangement is factored into eligibility for using the modular budget format, the total consortium/contractual costs must be included in the overall requested modular direct cost amount.
  • Additional Narrative Justification: If the requested budget requires any additional justification, such as variations in the number of modules requested, or explanation of exclusions applied to the F&A base calculation, save this information in a single file.