COS/Pivot Funding Opportunity Database

COS ( is a website formerly known as the Community of Science. It is an aggregation of funding information, whose data base contains more than 25,000 funding opportunity records worth more than $33 billion. Funding opportunities located through COS are multidisciplinary and multinational. Researchers have the ability to create and save targeted searches to assist them in locating relevant funding opportunities. Additionally, those who establish an online profile may receive weekly updates to these targeted searches, as well as search for collaborators within Northeastern.

The November and December Pivot user training webinar schedule is now available. To register for a session, go to:

Transition from to Pivot

Over the next several months, COS will be transitioning to Pivot – the next generation collaborative research platform which combines funding and scholar information in one easy-to-use tool. Pivot users will be able to track and share opportunities using the same Funding Opps database.

During the transition period, both COS and Pivot systems are running in parallel. Once the transition is completed at the end of December, COS users will migrate to Pivot, and this website will be updated with Pivot user information.

Funding Opportunity Searches

While the product is in transition, Funding Opp searches may be done either in COS ( or Pivot ( If you have an existing COS account, you can log on to Pivot with your COS username and password.

Creating an Account

If you do not have an existing COS account, you will need to create an account. During the product transition period, accounts can be created either in COS or in Pivot. Go to, click on Log In, then on Login help, then on “Create your Pivot Account”

View a YouTube video on creating an account:

Profile Creation

For users new to COS who wish to create a scholar profile, the vendor recommends that new profiles be created directly in Pivot. Once you have logged on to, click the “Suggest a Scholar” option on the left side of the screen. Provide the requested information, which will be sent to the vendor’s editorial team who create the profile. You will be notified via email when the profile is live.

Users with existing COS profiles may claim their profiles in Pivot using the same steps outlined above. Your name should appear at the top right of the screen. Then select the “Claim your Profile” option next to your name.  View a 3 minute video on creating a profile:

Helpful COS Links

COS Website:

This is the link to the homepage of COS. Here users can log in or new users can create an account.

Basic User Training:

This link will help those new to COS learn how to run relevant funding opportunity searches as well as how to save results.

Funding News:

Recent news regarding major funding opportunities is posted on this website.

Find Funding

Basic Search:

A basic search allows users to search for funding opportunities using simple keywords or phrases.

Advanced Search:

An advanced search allows users to establish specific parameters for the funding search.

Search Wizard:

The search wizard takes the user through a step-by-step search set-up, asking specific questions regarding targeted funding opportunities.

Opportunities with Deadlines within the Next 6 Weeks:

This is a listing of all funding opportunities that have deadlines within the next six weeks.

Funding Opportunity by Sponsor:

Here, researchers may search for funding opportunities from a specific sponsor.

Search Enhancements:

This document gives investigators useful tips on how to improve their COS searching.

Last modified: Feb 7, 2018