NSF Fastlane is down.  Please see the message below from the NSF.gov website:

A power failure in the NSF Data Center Thursday evening caused all servers to shut down. This means that NSF IT Systems are unavailable to NSF staff and our research community of applicants and awardees. Here is what you should know: All systems and websites are down, including Research.gov, NSF.gov, and FastLane.

All deadline dates (including the CAREER program) scheduled for today will be postponed until early next week. A notice will be published on the NSF website and FastLane page when specific deadline dates have been determined.

The deadline date for proposals due on Thursday, July 21, from organizations located in the Pacific time zone and westward, whose local 5:00 pm deadline occurred after 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT; UTC/GMT -4 hours), will be similarly postponed until next week.