Notice from NSF:

A power failure in the NSF Data Center Thursday, July 21, caused all servers to shut down.  All NSF systems are now available...

• All deadline dates (including the CAREER program) scheduled for Friday, July 22nd, are rescheduled for 5 p.m. submitter's local time, July 26th.  Please ensure you select July 26th as the Deadline/Target date on the  Remainder of Coversheet for your proposal.

• The deadline date for proposals due on Thursday, July 21, from organizations located in the Pacific time zone and westward, whose local 5:00 pm deadline occurred after 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT; UTC/GMT -4 hours), also have been rescheduled for 5 p.m. submitter's local time, July 26th. Please ensure you select July 26th as the Deadline/Target date on the Remainder of Coversheet for your proposal.

• If you were performing a transaction on or FastLane at approximately 7:00 PM EST on Thursday, July 21, you may want to validate that your work was saved properly.

• The and FastLane Application Release originally scheduled for the weekend of July 22 was cancelled and will be rescheduled shortly. This means that previously communicated system enhancements for password management and new automated proposal submission compliance checks in FastLane are postponed until further notice.