Effective for proposals submitted or due on February 24, 2014.

Significant Changes Include:

  • Proposal Certifications - If research proceeds without the imposition of conditions or restrictions when a conflict of interest exists, this must be disclosed to NSF via use of the Notifications and Requests Module in Fastlane.
  • Sections of the Proposal - has been augmented to include a list of required sections for a full proposal submitted via FastLane. The section also clarifies that, if the submission instructions do not require a section to be provided, the proposer should insert text or upload a document in that section of the proposal that states, “Not Applicable.”

  • Project Summary - A Project Summary containing special characters that is submitted as a PDF file in the Supplementary Documentation section must be formatted with separate headings for the overview, statement on intellectual merit and statement on broader impacts.
  • Results from Prior NSF Support - has been amended to make clear that in the summary of results of the completed work, the accomplishments related to Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact activities must be separately described under two distinct headings.
  • Unfunded Collaborations - Any substantial collaboration with individuals not included in the budget should be described in the Facilities, Equipment, and other Resources section of the proposal and documented in a letter of commitment from each collaborator.
  • Biographical Sketches - Inclusion of information beyond that specified may result in the proposal being returned without review.
  • Biosketches - Products - If only publications are included, the heading "Publications" may be used for this section of the Biosketch.


For a complete copy of the 2014 GPG Guide, including a full list of Significant Changes, please go to: http://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf14001&org=NSF