Sponsor:  Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: 84.305B
Funding Amount: $4 million
Duration: 5 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity



NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 04/06/2013
Sponsor Deadline: 09/04/2013
Letter of Intent Deadline: 06/06/2013

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

Northeastern may only submit one proposal for this award. If you are interested in submitting, please contact Karen Drew (x4824) immediately.

Funding Areas

In 2012, the Institute established the Researcher and Policymaker Training Program in
the Education Sciences to create opportunities for improving current education researchers’ skills as well
as to provide practitioners and policymakers with evidence derived from rigorous education research. This
year, the Institute has split this topic into two topics. The first, Methods Training for Education
Researchers, will support advanced methodological training for those doing education research. The
second, Training in Education Research Use and Practice, will help policymakers, practitioners, and
researchers together consider the most rigorous evidence available on a specific education issue in their
work, and provide researchers with input from practitioners and policymaker on further questions under
the issue to be researched.

Combined, these training programs aim to increase the capacity of the education research community to
carry out the type of research funded by the Institute’s research grant programs and the capacity of
education practitioners and policymakers to use the results of this research in their practice and decision
making. You can find information on the Institute’s research grant programs for the National Center for
Education Research (http://ncer.ed.gov) at http://ies.ed.gov/funding/.