Sponsor:  National Science Foundation (NSF)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: NSF 14-610
Funding Amount: 10 awards totaling $10M. Up to $1M per award.
Duration: 3 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity



NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 10/03/2014
Sponsor Deadline: 01/28/2015
Letter of Intent Deadline: 12/03/2014

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

NU is allowed participation on two (2) proposals as a lead institution. This opportunity is still open. If you are interested in applying, please contact Karen Drew (x4824) as soon as possible.

Funding Areas

The Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation Capacity (PFI:BIC) program supports academe-industry partnerships, which are led by an interdisciplinary academic research team with a least one industry partner to build technological, human, and service system innovation capacity. These partnerships focus on the integration of technologies into a specified human-centered smart service system with the potential to achieve transformational change in an existing service system or to spur an entirely new service system. These technologies have been inspired by existing breakthrough discoveries.

Service systems are socio-technical configurations of people, technologies, organizations, and information designed to deliver services that create and deliver value.   A “smart” service system is a system capable of learning, dynamic adaptation, and decision making based upon data received, transmitted, and/or processed to improve its response to a future situation. The system does so through self-detection, self-diagnosing, self-correcting, self-monitoring, self-organizing, self-replicating, or self-controlled functions. These capabilities are the result of the incorporation of technologies for sensing, actuation, coordination, communication, control, etc. The system may exhibit a sequence of features such as detection, classification, and localization that lead to an outcome occurring within a reasonable time.

PFI:BIC funds research partnerships working on projects that operate in the post-fundamental discovery space but precede being on a clear path to commercialization. These projects require additional effort to integrate the technology into a real service system with human factors considerations, which in turn might spawn additional discoveries inspired by this interaction of humans with the technology. Partnership activities that drive sustained innovation include the targeted allocation of resources such as capital, time, and facilities; and sharing of knowledge in a cross-organizational and interdisciplinary context. The project must involve research tasks that demonstrate a highly collaborative research plan with participation of the primary industrial partner with the academic researcher during the life of the award.  The resulting system requires an understanding of human interaction with technology and a human-centered design to assure the desirability and the effectiveness of the proposed service system. Thus, in addition to the discipline related to the technology, the disciplines to be included in this project are

1) systems engineering or engineering design,

2) computer science/information technology, and

3) human factors/behavioral science/cognitive engineering.

WEBINARS: Webinars will be held to answer questions about the solicitation. Register on the PFI:BIC website where details will be posted (http://www.nsf.gov/eng/iip/pfi/bic.jsp). Potential proposers and their partners are encouraged to attend. Also, Vice Presidents for Research and academic personnel concerned with the review of their respective institution’s selection of candidates for submission, individuals from Sponsored Research Offices, and those focused on the identification and understanding of limited application submissions are encouraged to attend.