Sponsor:  Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: New Awards for Science Education to Research Universities
Funding Amount: up to $2.5M
Duration: 5 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity

Closed - Submitting PI: Dagmar Sternad (Biology)


NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 04/04/2013
Sponsor Deadline: 10/01/2013
Letter of Intent Deadline: 06/04/2013

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

Northeastern has been invited to submit one proposal for the 2014 competition. If you are interested in being part of a Northeastern submission, please contact Karen Drew (-4824) as early as possible.

Funding Areas

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has announced a new competition for science education grants to research universities. The Institute expects to make up to 35 awards of up to $2.5 million over five years. The goal of the initiative is to enable universities to develop and implement strategies that will significantly increase the persistence in science of undergraduate students from all backgrounds, including those who belong to groups underrepresented in science.

These grants are distinctive because they represent the commitment of an entire institution, not an individual faculty member or department, and because they encourage institutions to achieve educational objectives through combinations of strategies. HHMI grants have enabled research universities to engage large numbers of undergraduates in authentic research, create new courses and curricula, and reach out to local K-12 students and teachers. Successful proposals will effectively present the rationale for each of the proposed activities, so that it is clear how the activity will contribute to the objective of student persistence at the institution.