Sponsor:  National Science Foundation (NSF)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: NSF 11-533, replaces NSF 10-523
Funding Amount: 18 new and renewal awards totaling $13.5M. Up to $3.3M per award over 5 years pending availability of funds. This includes the $200K Competitive Incentive Fund per award for Trainees for research and innovation activities. Additional funds up to $200K per award, may be available to support integrated international research activities.
Duration: 5 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity

Closed - Submitting PI: Stephen Intille, CCIS


NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 03/01/2012
Sponsor Deadline: 07/02/2012
Letter of Intent Deadline: 05/01/2012

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

There is a limit of one (1) proposal that may be submitted by an institution either as a single institution or as a lead institution in a multi-institution proposal. If you are planning to submit please call Horst Wittmann (-3836) immediately and by NO LATER THAN 1 April 2012, submit a 2-page pre-proposal following the format defined in the university’s Procedure for Programs with Limited Submissions.


Funding Areas

The Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program has been developed to meet the challenges of educating U.S.  Ph.D. scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines, and technical, professional, and personal skills. The program is intended to establish new models for graduate education and training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. It is also intended to facilitate diversity in student participation and preparation, and to contribute to a world-class, broadly inclusive, and globally engaged science and engineering workforce.   Building upon the IGERT platform, the purpose of this IGERT solicitation is to support new models in graduate education in which students are engaged in an environment that supports innovation to learn through hands-on experience how their own research may contribute in new ways to benefit society and to learn the processes for the successful implementation of such contributions.


–  Melur K. Ramasubramanian, (703) 292-8696, email: igert@nsf.gov

–  Carol F. Stoel, (703)  292-8696, email: igert@nsf.gov