Sponsor:  United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: RFA-0AA-000004
Funding Amount: $1,000,000 - $5,000,000/year
Duration: 5 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity

Closed - Submitting PI: Akram Alshawabkeh (CEE), Consortium Ap.; Matthias Ruth (Int. Aff.) Indiv. Inst. Ap.; Val Moghadam (Int. Aff.) Indiv. Inst. Ap.


NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 01/22/2012
Sponsor Deadline: 03/22/2012

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

Northeastern may submit no more than three (3) applications as the lead. Each applicant institution is restricted to two (2) individual institution center applications and a single application serving as the lead (primary) on an application composed of a group of institutions competing for a “Consortium level” award. Institutions are free to serve as collaborating partners (but not the lead) in as many applications as they feel is appropriate and can be programmatically justified.

Based on expectations of available funding, institutions would be eligible at two award levels: 1) single centers funded at up to $1-2 million annually for five years; and 2) consortia centers funded at up to $5 million annually for five years. Consortia would consist of three to four academic institutions and/or other partners, and can include developing country partners.

Funding Areas

Pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) of 1961, as amended, the United States Government (USG) as represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL), Office of Science & Technology (S&T) is seeking applications from organizations interested in implementing a five-year USAID Higher Education Solutions Network program, as fully described in the Request for Applications (RFA). The primary goal of this program is to establish institutional partnerships that will create and leverage a virtual network of leading experts who will help USAID solve distinct global development challenges. This network will help USAID identify new solutions and by working together, save money and improve results over time.