Sponsor:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: RFA-DP-14-001
Funding Amount: $900,000
Duration: 5 years

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity



NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 06/09/2013
Sponsor Deadline: 09/23/2013
Letter of Intent Deadline: 08/09/2013

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

Eligible applicant institutions may not submit more than one application as the sole or lead institution. There are no limitations on the number of inter-institutional partnerships an institution may establish. An applicant may be the lead institution on one application and be a non-leading partner or consortium member on another.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Karen Drew (x4824) as soon as possible.

In accordance with Section 1706 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act), 42, U.S.C. 300u-5 the following research institutions are eligible to apply for funding under this FOA: 1. Accredited schools of public health. Eligible schools of public health must be accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH). Accreditation is defined by Section 799B (1) (E) of the PHS Act. 2. Accredited schools of osteopathy and accredited schools of medicine that offer an accredited Preventive Medicine Residency program, or are in the process of obtaining accreditation for a preventive medicine residency program. Eligible schools of osteopathy and medicine must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Foreign Organizations are not eligible to apply. Foreign components of U.S. Organizations are not eligible to apply. For this announcement, applicants may include collaborators or consultants from foreign institutions. Any individual(s) with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research as the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) is invited to work with his/her organization to develop an application for support.

Funding Areas

This FOA will support a network of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) to conduct applied public health prevention research. The types of applied research approaches supported by this FOA include behavioral interventions, environmental, or systems-wide solutions and strategies that address major causes of disease and disability. Research addressing underserved, minority and other populations that focus on diseases and health hazards and risk factors which are most amenable for health promotion and disease prevention interventions. The funding provided by this FOA will be used to: 1. Support the development of a comprehensive prevention research center with the key elements of infrastructure and administration; community engagement, partnerships, and technical assistance; communication and dissemination; training; and evaluation; and 2. Support one applied public health prevention research project in one of three broad categories to address an evidence gap in public health research. Etiological research will not be supported for the applied public health prevention research project.