Sponsor:  National Science Foundation (NSF)

Sponsor Program Solicitation: NSF 13-523
Funding Amount: 4 to 6 awards, totaling $10M to $29M. Each award is limited to a maximum of $1,250,000 per year for four years (or $5,000,000 total, including direct and indirect costs).
Duration: Four years.

Status of this Limited Submission Opportunity

Closed - Submitting PI: O'Doherty, Smotkin, Jones, Mukerjee (Chemistry)


NU Pre-Proposal Deadline: 01/18/2013
Sponsor Deadline: 03/18/2013

Eligibility and Nomination Requirements

NSF 13-523 allows only one proposal from NU.

This opportunity is still open. If you are interested, please call Horst Wittmann (-3836) immediately.

Funding Areas

Networks for Sustainable Molecular Design and Synthesis are groups of two or more researchers working in trans-disciplinary fields to promote the development of safe and sustainable chemicals as well as safe and sustainable synthetic procedures. For this solicitation, “chemicals” refers broadly to any and all materials, inorganic and organic compounds, and individual chemicals or mixtures of chemicals (e.g., endocrine disruptors, chlorofluorocarbons, transition metal-based catalysts, macromolecules, and nanomaterials). Advances resulting from these Networks are expected to result in chemicals that are safer and more sustainable throughout their life cycle and thus, the replacement of rare, toxic, and expensive chemicals with earth abundant, benign, and renewable alternatives is anticipated. The Networks will facilitate safe design strategies, processes, and pathways (including catalytic pathways) that consume less fresh water, generate less waste, and use less energy than current practice. These new approaches will minimize hazards that arise not only from chemical structure and intended use, but also from their synthesis, production, consumption, reuse, and disposal.  It is expected that research teams in the NSMDS awarded under this solicitation will coordinate / communicate with the funded research networks from the EPA/NSF Networks for Characterizing Chemical Life Cycle (NCCLC) solicitation (see:http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=504811). The researchers working in these two network groups are expected to conduct complementary research and; thus, will benefit from interaction with each other at annual EPA All-Investigators Meetings (also known as progress reviews).


–           Tingyu Li, Chemistry, (703) 292-4949, email: tli@nsf.gov

–            Tyrone Mitchell, Chemistry, (703) 292-4947, email: tmitchel@nsf.gov

–            Carol Bessel, Chemistry, (703) 292-4906, email: cbessel@nsf.gov

–            Timothy Patten, Chemistry,  (703) 292-7196, email: tpatten@nsf.gov

–            Luke Achenie, Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems,  (703) 292-2098, email: lachenie@nsf.gov

–            Barbara Karn, Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems, (703) 292-7949, email: bkarn@nsf.gov

–            Nora Savage, Nano Team Lead, EPA, (703) 347-8104, email: savage.nora@epa.gov