Diversity in Research

Investigators need to consider diversity in their recruitment strategies, as explained in this information from the Institutional Review Board Guidebook:

Applications “…that involve human subjects are required to include minorities and both genders in study populations so that research findings can be of benefit to all persons at risk of the disease, disorder or condition under study; special emphasis should be placed on the need for inclusion of minorities and women in studies of diseases, disorders and conditions which disproportionately affect them. This policy applies to all research involving human subjects and human materials, and applies to males and females of all ages. If one gender and/or minorities are excluded or are inadequately represented in this research, particularly in proposed population-based studies, a clear compelling rationale for exclusion or inadequate representation should be provided. The composition of the proposed study population must be described in terms of gender and racial/ethnic group, together with a rationale for its choice. In addition, gender and racial/ethnic issues should be addressed in developing a research design and sample size appropriate for the scientific objectives of the study.