• small177moveAs of Wednesday, February 8, HSRP is now located at 177 Huntington Avenue, at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Belvedere Street.  Our new campus mailing address (interoffice) is 560-177. Our mailing address is Northeastern University, HSRP, 360 Huntington Avenue, Mail Stop: 560-177, Boston, MA 02115. Note:  Appointments and meetings must be confirmed ahead of time to be added to the building’s login system

    Due to the move, we will have limited access to protocol files during the week of February 6th. We will do our best to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.


  • Timeline for Review

    Investigators are responsible for allowing a minimum of 30 business days for the review process. (This means that you should apply at least 5 weeks before your anticipated start date.) Please carefully edit and proofread all application materials before submission to HSRP as incomplete and missing information will cause delays in the protocol application review process.

    The NU IRB meets monthly to review protocols. Depending upon the nature of the research, some studies may be reviewed and approved independently by the Chair of the NU IRB. Other studies may require review by the full committee.