The Northeastern University Affective Science Institute presents New Vistas in Emotion and Technology


AGENDA                  SPEAKERS

This one-day summit will bring together leading researchers and engineers at the forefront of emotion science and mobile/social technology to discuss emerging, cross-cutting initiatives aimed at enhancing individual and societal wellbeing.

Together with the audience, panels will explore issues including:

  • how endowing technological entities (e.g., robots, virtual agents and avatars) with emotional expression alters interactions with humans,
  • how new advances in mobile technology can be used to assess emotional and physiological changes relevant to physical and mental health, and
  • how emotion science can be leveraged to enhance harmony and user satisfaction in online social networks.

Join moderators Andrew Zolli (curator for PopTech), Hiawatha Bray (Technology Columnist for the Boston Globe), and Meghna Chakrabarti (co-host of WBUR’s Radio Boston) along with all of the guest speakers, for a lively exploration of what the future holds for “emotion-sensitive” tech.