As funding for research is increasingly threatened by budget cuts, it is essential for Northeastern faculty to have a presence in Washington, DC to effectively compete for research funding and to also act as public policy experts.

In this workshop, faculty will have the opportunity to learn about best practices for engaging with officials in the federal government related to research funding.  Tim Leshan, Vice President for Government Relations, will discuss interacting with program officers in agencies and congressional staffers and how to best communicate with these key audiences.  The seminar could cover:

  • the federal landscape generally – giving faculty a comprehensive overview of current funding environment and public policy issues;
  • the types of meetings that faculty should be targeting;
  • how to prepare for these meetings;
  • what to expect in the meetings;
  • how best to present their research
  • appropriate follow-up and expected outcomes

This workshop will give faculty the perspective needed to maximize the impact of their interactions in Washington related to their research proposals and to boost Northeastern's competitiveness for funding. In addition, faculty will be better prepared to be experts tapped by policy makers.