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It used to be that the term “wellness” was met with healthy skepticism. That was before the age of big data. Today, with wearable devices that track footsteps, calories burned and every exercise, we are keeping tabs on our own health and fitness using today’s technological innovations. Personal technology (i.e, Fitbit™), superfoods and smart phone apps are used to monitor and support healthcare decisions and wellness. How has this trend changed the face of health care cost and delivery? How has the mindset of the individual consumer been affected by accessibility to personal health information? How have insurance companies embraced “wellness” as a means to reduce health care premiums? How will the global support for health and wellness change the face of health care delivery?


What You’ll Learn: 

-Nathan Price PhD, Associate Director of the Institute for Systems Biology, will present an overview of the Institute for Systems Biology nine-month pilot study, the “Hundred Person Wellness Project”, in which 100 healthy individuals will be monitored, offered regular feedback and counselled on lifestyle changes such as shifts in their dietary or sleep habits. The effects of these behavioral changes on their health will, in turn, be tracked using a battery of diagnostic tests.

-How novel mathematical models that allow your computer or handheld device to synthesize and respond to the lifestyle data you generate almost instantaneously in order to promote better health.

-How systems medicine, big data analysis and patient-activated social networks combine to achieve real-world health outcomes.

-How one company, the Cleveland Clinic, worked with their insurance company to develop an employee wellness program that helped the Clinic’s 29,000 employees increase their health and lower their premiums.


Who Should Attend:

-Scientific Community, Physicians, Healthcare Professionals and Senior Executives, Business Development.


Expert Panel Members (to date): 

-Stephen Intille, PhD, Associate Professor, Northeastern University (Bio) (Confirmed)

-Nathan Price PhD, Associate Director, Institute for Systems Biology (Confirmed)

-Kristy Clark, Wellness Account Executive, Parker Smith and Feek (confirmed)


Sponsoring Organization: Presented by the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association

Departments: Seattle, Community Events, Seattle Campus Events