Marina Khachatryan, Armenia

  • Project Leader, Armenian Red Cross Society

Momchil Kostov Baev, Bulgaria

  • Coordinator of Health Programs, Amalipe Center

Dr. Jose Almicar Bolivar Ledesma Baez, Dominican Republic

  • Director of Technical Assistance, Division of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Ministry of Health

Olubisi Steve Aborisade, Nigeria

  • Founder and Coordinator, Projekthope/

Brook Baker, Northeastern University

  • Professor of Law

Jean Flatley McGuire, Northeastern University

  • Clinical Professor of Health Sciences

Dr. Richard Wamai, Northeastern University

  • Assistant Professor of African American Studies


Presented by Northeastern University's Center for International Affairs and World Cultures, Bouve College of Health Sciences, Department of African American Studies, and Integrated Initiative for Global Health with the U.S Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program and WorldBoston


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