Topic: The formation of cross-disciplinary teams to examine and address clinical needs

Part II of The Commercialization Apprenticeship series will highlight the benefits to team members and overall success in biomedical technology innovation when engineers, clinicians, and investigators from various disciplines come together to identify and address clinical needs. The panel will feature cross-disciplinary teams spread across the consortium of B-BIC member institutions covering a spectrum from relatively recent collaborations to more established partnerships.

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The Boston Biomedical Innovation Center - B-BIC - is a consortium of eleven institutions across Boston, including Northeastern University, and is one of three NIH-funded National Centers for Accelerated Innovation (NCIA). B-BIC’s mission is to address the gap in the commercialization pipeline between scientific discovery and company formation, supporting the long term goal of
more rapidly and effectively moving breakthrough innovations to available products that will have health, economic, and societal impact. B-BIC funding is provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

The B-BIC Skills Development Center ensures that researchers and their teams have access to the expertise they need to commercialize their innovations. Services include mentor experts from biotechnology and venture capital firms, courses, business case teaching modules, and customized education plans for those innovators wanting to develop and refine their commercialization skills.
With these resources in hand, innovators are able to identify optimum exit strategies for their new technologies to leave the Center and to enter the marketplace. This program partners with Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, and is linked with Harvard University's Innovation Lab.