3D printing technologies for the education and consumer markets

Akrivis Technologies, LLC
Development and commercialization of products and services for the early detection and treatment of serious human diseases

AndrosRobotics, LLC
Develops technological solutions to gait training of neurological patients. Visit on LinkedIn.

Arietis Corp.
Discovery and development of novel antimicrobial agents

BioAnalytix, Inc.
Applies advanced analytic methods and data in enabling, improving and accelerating biologic and biosimilar therapeutics from development through market.

Biolom, LLC
Produces revolutionary biosensors for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases

CryoXtract Instruments, LLC
Delivers a technology platform to the global medical research community that enables frozen biospecimen aliquotting

Ekam Imaging Inc.
Leader in preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging

GCK Technology Inc.
Inexhaustible energy from flowing water

MazeFire LLC
Mazefire seeks to develop educational technology and to consistently provide high quality content in various academic, professional and recreational domains.

Menon Laboratories, Inc.
The company specializes in the large-scale synthesis of robust, reliable and low-cost nanomaterials for applications in the filtration, separation, water treatment, and catalysis industry. Visit on LinkedIn.

Designs and deploys leading-edge current and next-generation commercial and defense products

NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Development of novel antibiotics

NeuroFieldz, Inc.
NeuroFieldz’s technology enables functional brain imaging at high temporal and spatial resolution better than current EEG or MEG

Trace BioAnalytics LLC
Acquires, creates and provides ultrasensitive technology for trace chemical analysis of biological samples. Visit on LinkedIn.

Quad Technologies, LLC
Develops novel cell separation and protein purification tools around the unique chemistry, QuickGel™

Winchester Technologies, LLC
Wide range of consulting, research and development services, as well as materials, devices and subsystems for sensing, energy harvesting, power electronics, RF and microwave communication systems, radars, electronic warfare systems, etc.

Zephyr Energy Corporation
Alternative energy company that aims to revolutionize wind energy harvesting with its non-rotating wind energy generator technology.