Tech2Venture_LOGOTechnologies are only valuable when they are put into action in the marketplace. Tech2Venture is a pilot funding program created to identify and engage seasoned entrepreneurs in the commercialization of Northeastern’s most promising technologies.

How it Works

In partnership with local angel investors, the CRI is highlighting some of the University's high potential innovations as start up candidates for our Tech2Venture program. As a seasoned entrepreneur, you may register for consideration for the program, and if selected, CRI will provide a start up package to help jump-start the commercialization process. The package includes a market assessment with a high level summary of the opportunity, including the competition, target entry markets and potential target acquirers/investors; an option for a “one-size fits all” license is executed with additional IP included under this agreement, at the CRI’s discretion. In addition, the CRI commits a $20K forgivable, convertible note to the project to help fast-track commercialization.

If you are interested in being considered forTech2Venture, please fill out the requested information and you will be entered into the candidate pool for consideration. You must have at least five years of demonstrated related experience to be considered for a Tech2Venture opportunity.

Visit the Tech2Venture Web site