Mark Solomon, Principal with Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds

Deirdre Sanders, Principal with Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds

Joshua Matloff, Associate with Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds


Opening our “Breakfast of Champions” series, intellectual property attorneys Mark Solomon, Deirdre Sanders, and Joshua Matloff of Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, spoke to students, faculty and staff about “Protecting Your Intellectual Property,” including issues and strategy related to protecting ideas and technologies.  They touched upon “hot” areas in the field, including software and medical devices, and discussed different types of intellectual property and means of protecting the property, such as copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

Their presentation included a comprehensive discussion of how to decide where to file your patent application, pointing out decisive factors such as the market for the potential product, competitors’ markets, potential licenses, and joint inventors.  They also stressed the importance of detailed and accurate record keeping, and touched upon potential issues in litigation.