Based on user feedback, and recurring errors downstream in FastLane, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a revised validation in Coeus: NSF Equipment attachment missing.

As you know, Coeus can help you identify errors on your proposal before you submit it to  Finding issues early increases the probability of error-free proposal submissions.  Business rule validations are built in Coeus to mimic and some sponsor proposal compliance checks.

Here are the details on the revised validation:

  1. Check for missing NSF Equipment attachment now an Error
    1. The business rule validation that checks for missing Equipment attachment for NSF has been changed from a “Warning” to an “Error.” This change has been made in Coeus as NSF has recently made this same change in Fastlane (warning is now an error).  This document must be separate from the Facilities attachment.

The NSF Specific Opportunities QuickCard has been updated to reflect this change.

We continue to work with the community of users to collaboratively identify and assess new ways Coeus can further assist and support our researchers and research community.

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