Based on continued user feedback, we have made several enhancements to ePaws:

  • For the attachments Budget, Budget Justification, Abstract, and Full Application, the version number, author, and date/time saved are now shown
  • Upon "Submit to GO," all Approvers, Top Approvers, and all alternate approvers with a role on the proposal will be notified of the creation of the proposal; the note has been updated at the bottom of the proposal to alert proposal creators that approvers will receive notification upon creation of the proposal
  • In the Route Log, a "mail to" icon now appears next to the names of the approvers who have not yet approved at the current stop, or PI's who have not yet certified at their current stop - this email reminder feature is available for GO's, Approvers, and Top Approvers, and the email notification sent out will bear the identify of the person who sent the reminder notification
  • Unit number of the department now appears as a Tooltip when you over over the unit name
  • Lead PI name appears at the top of the proposal ("above the fold") so as to provide quick identification of the Lead PI without having to scroll
  • A Comments box is now available for all users with a role on the proposal, and comments can be added at any time, even if the proposal is not at your stop; a running list of comments is maintained in the order of posting
  • Reminder language has been added to attach justification on Cost-Share or Underrecovery if those questions are answered "Y"
  • GO's can return a proposal at any stop
  • Alternate Approvers now have an "In Progress" tab where they can see "In  Progress" proposals on which they are an alternate approver

Questions about Coeus and ePaws should be directed to We appreciate your patience while we updated the server.