A central part of building proposals in Coeus is listing the Principal Investigators (PIs), Co-PIs, and Key Personnel. In most cases, the faculty members who will serve in these roles are Northeastern University employees, and are included in the Person Directory in the Coeus application.  In rare cases, it might be necessary to add either a PI, Co-PI, or Key Person who is not found in the Person Directory (the investigator works at another institution).

The Rolodex is, as its name implies, an address book of people, organizations, or institutions that the Coeus application can use to populate information in a proposal, award, protocol, etc. In order to add individuals to the Rolodex, a user must have the Rolodex Maintainer role.

To add a Person to the Rolodex:

1. Open the proposal, then click Add New Rolodex Entry
2. From the Add New Rolodex Person screen click the Search link to find the sponsor
3. Enter information in the Search dialog window and select the corresponding sponsor
4. Enter the remaining information for the new Rolodex Entry
5. Click the Save button

NOTE: Incoming faculty who wish to submit proposal applications for sponsored funding through Northeastern University prior to their official start date should NOT be added to the Rolodex; a Northeastern University Sponsored Account is required. Coordinate with the department office/administrator to determine an appropriate sponsor; then, the incoming faculty member must visit the Northeastern University Information Systems Sponsored Accounts Request webpage to apply.