For detail instructions on creating proposals, review the Minimum Proposal Requirements through the e-Submissions webpage

Creating a Proposal in Coeus Lite is very simple. After logging in with your myNEU account follow these steps to create a proposal:

1. Select the "Create New Proposal" link.

2. If you have a department affiliation with more than one department/center, you will have to select the Unit where you would like to create the new proposal. If you only have one department affiliation you will be brought to the "General Proposal Information" page after clicking the "Create New Proposal" link.


3. From the "General Proposal Information" page there are several required fields, denoted by a red asterisk that must be completed to save the proposal.

4. After all of the required fields have been completed click the Save button to save the proposal.

Last Modified: March 2, 2016