For more information, please see the Proposal Roles QuickCard through the e-Submissions webpage

The Proposal Creator, or Aggregator, has the ability to view, modify and route a proposal during the development and submission process. In most cases, a proposal created within a unit will have the appropriate users from that unit included as Aggregators on the proposal.

To add a user to a proposal as an Aggregator after the proposal has been created:

1. Open the proposal to which you want to add an Aggregator

2. Open the Proposal Roles window by clicking the Proposal Roles link from the left side navigation; in the Aggregator section, click the Add User link



3. Search for the user you want to add (use wildcards * around names) in the User Name field and Search


4. Select the user from the search result, and save the proposal

Last Modified: March 2, 2016