[For assistance in selecting appropriate Proposal Roles for non-Northeastern University investigators, see the FAQ on how to add non-Northeastern investigators to your proposal.]

The Rolodex, as its name implies, is an address book of non-Northeastern Investigators (with relevant contact information) that Coeus uses to populate investigator information in a proposal. In order to add individuals to the Rolodex, a user must have the Rolodex Maintainer role.

Non-Northeastern employees with a sponsored account are included in the Person Directory ("Employee Search") in the Coeus application, and need not be added to the Rolodex.

To add a non-NU Investigator to the Rolodex:

1. Open the proposal and select Add New Rolodex Entry 

2. From the Add New Rolodex Person screen select the Search link to find the Sponsor

  • Enter information in the Search dialog window and select the corresponding Sponsor
  • Enter the remaining information for the new Rolodex Entry
  • Click the Save button

If the Sponsor is not found upon searching, do one of the following:

  • Submit a request to have the new Sponsor added to the Sponsor Table (RECOMMENDED - Saves entry steps, helps reduces errors, and helps in searching)
  • Complete Rolodex entry without linking to Sponsor (alternate)
    • All Rolodex entries are available to ALL Coeus users – so even if your submission is NOT Grants.gov, the following fields must be present to avoid errors in future Grants.gov submissions:
      • Name  (First and Last)
      • Organization - ONLY use letters (uppercase/lowercase A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphens (-) and underscore (_).  Special characters like an apostrophe (‘) will cause a transmission error in Grants.gov submissions  – DO NOT INCLUDE special characters even if the company name includes it
        • For example - Brigham and Women’s Hospital should be input as Brigham and Womens Hospital (no apostrophe)
      • Address (street address on the first line; other lines are optional)
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code+4 (9 digits for US Domestic Addresses, NO HYPHENS...e.g. 021155005)
      • Country
      • Phone
      • Email

NOTE: Incoming faculty who wish to submit proposal applications for sponsored funding through Northeastern University prior to their official start date should NOT be added to the Rolodex; a Northeastern University Sponsored Account is required. Coordinate with the department office/administrator to determine an appropriate sponsor; then, the incoming faculty member must visit the Northeastern University Information Systems Sponsored Accounts Request webpage to apply.

Last Modified: March 18, 2015