The Coeus upgrade to a new application version 4.5.1 P2 was completed in our Production (Live) environment on Thursday, February 6 2014. 

This new version of Coeus addresses, among other things, the returning functionality of submitting NIH proposals that include Human Subjects System-to-System, a function that was lost when changed the format of opportunities to use the new Form C.

Form C changed the way handled Human Subjects in that the data is not entered into Coeus fields, but are treated like uploaded narrative files.

New NIH opportunities must use the new “unstitched” form “Planned Enrollment Report;” Progress Reports and Resubmissions must use the new “unstitched” form “Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report.”  In order to use these new forms, an upload tool has been introduced into Coeus.  It works exactly like the Sub Award upload tool.

Details on how to use this new tool are included in the new QuickCard “User Attached S2S Forms” which can be found on the Coeus QuickCard website.

Aside from the new upload tool, other enhancements have been made, and many identified bugs have been addressed, including:

  • Uploaded Excel Spreadsheets can now be viewed
  • Ability to view the previous routing (including past comments and attachments) in Coeus LITE from the Approval Routing Screen when the proposal is re-routed for approval after a recall/reject
  •  “Copy Proposal” function will copy any uploaded “User Attached S2S Form”
  • Biosketch now validated with local validation (no longer validated at Grants.Gov level)
  • Biosketch requirement is now validated to Key Person level for all S2S submissions
  • Incorrect person month calculating in Coeus LITE as 12.5 months – fixed
  • “Recall” leaving “waiting for approval” status in stops after recall – fixed
  • Budget summary amounts not updating with sub award uploads – fixed
  • “On/Off campus” flag defaults to “Off Campus” on the Budget summary tab- fixed to default at “Default”
  • Sub award budget tool can’t exclude first $25K from F&A for continuations/supplements to existing sub award-fixed (allows user to turn off OH calculation on these lines)
  • Sub award budgets with only 1 period, data was not being brought to detailed budget – fixed
  • Email notifications to approve not generating in specific occasion - fixed
    • When an approver of a proposal is listed at several stops, and selects “Approve for all stops” function; Approvers in the map after the last stop satisfied by “Approve for all stops” function were not getting email notifications to approve –fixed

Questions about Coeus should be directed to