A revision has been made to the process for uploading SubAward budgets using the Coeus SubAward upload tool.

Previously, instructions were that the periods of the SubAward budget form “must be compatible with” the periods of the proposal.  This was understood to mean they must match the proposal.  A clarification has been made regarding this instruction in both the User Guide and the ‘SubAward Upload’ QuickCard:

“The Start/End dates of the subaward file must be compatible with the prime budget to Sync (e.g. subaward file must have either the same start/end dates OR the sub can align with ANY of the Start/End dates of the individual budget periods).”

In other words, the dates on the SubAward form must either MATCH the proposal start and end dates, or FALL WITHIN the proposal start/end dates, and match any PERIOD(s) within the proposal.  The SubAward periods cannot fall outside the proposal start/end dates.

By way of example:  If you have a proposal with 5 periods (7/1/2013 – 6/30/2018), but your SubAward will only apply to period 2 (7/1/2014-6/30/2015), fill out the SubAward form for that time period ONLY (it will be indicated on the form as Period 1, even though it is actually period 2 on the proposal).  Upload your form as usual.

Please see the revised COEUS Lite User Guide 4.5.1 and SubAward Upload QuickCard for reference.

If you have any questions, please contact coeus-help@neu.edu, or your Grant Officer.