Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new feature in Coeus: Professional Name in the Coeus Person Table database.

At Northeastern University, our employees are listed in the directory in one of 3 ways:  by Professional First/Last Name, Preferred First Name/Legal Last Name, or Legal First/Last Name.    Coeus users have requested in the past that Preferred First name be fed to Coeus, and that change was made.  Effective immediately, Professional Name will also be fed to Coeus.

The order of precedence for loading names into our Coeus Person Table is as follows:

  • If a Professional Name is specified in the HR Database, the Professional name will be fed to Coeus (we will ignore if a Preferred First Name is also specified in HR);
  • If a Preferred First Name is specified (no Professional Name specified), the Preferred First Name/Legal Last name will be fed to Coeus;
  • If neither a Professional Name nor a Preferred First Name are specified, the Legal First/Last name will be fed to Coeus

We continue to work with the community of users to collaboratively identify and assess new ways Coeus can further assist and support our researchers and research community.

Questions and suggestions about Coeus can be directed to