Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new validation in Coeus: reminder to check for User Attached S2S forms and to include them with the submission.

As you know, Coeus can help you identify errors on your proposal before you submit it to  Finding issues early increases the probability of error-free proposal submissions.  Business rule validations are built in Coeus to mimic and some sponsor proposal compliance checks.

Here are the details on the new validation:

  1. When a Planned Enrollment Form for Human Subjects is required by your opportunity, the user attaches an unstitched Planned Enrollment form using the User Attached S2S form. In order to include this optional form with the submission, users must check the “include” box on the screen.  A new reminder will be presented on all NIH proposals that have a Human Subjects Special Review and are connected to that says:

“REMINDER: The special review tab indicates Human Subjects are included in this proposal. Please remember to include the required "User Attached S2S Forms" and to check the appropriate box on the screen in order to include the forms with the submission.”

The Coeus Common Submission Errors QuickCard has been updated to reflect this change.

We continue to work with the community of users to collaboratively identify and assess new ways Coeus can further assist and support our researchers and research community.

Questions and suggestions about Coeus can be directed to