A new procedure has been developed for use in Coeus when a Sponsor requires that salary must not inflate.  Application of this procedure involves the Grant Officer, as a part of it must be completed in Coeus Premium.

This method will only be used in the case where the sponsor requires salary not inflate, and not because the PI is attempting to hold his/her salary for ease of budgeting.  In that case, percent effort can be adjusted to meet the desired salary level.

  • Add the person to the Investigator tab
  • Add the salary to the Budget Setup-Personnel tab
  • STOP! Do not complete the Budget Periods-Personnel Budget tab; Contact your Grant Officer
    • The Grant Officer will add the investigator to the Budget Periods-Personnel Budget tab in Coeus Premium; when complete, you will be contacted by the Grant Officer to complete the proposal
  • To verify inflation is not applied to the investigator, go into Coeus Lite, Personnel Budget tab and select Edit for the person that the Grant Officer added in Premium.   Verify the "apply inflation" box is unchecked

Please contact coeus-help@neu.edu with questions related to this process in Coeus; Questions related to the proposal, or the use of this new procedure, should be directed to your Grant Officer.