Northeastern University is focused on an effort to stimulate and support interdisciplinary research to increase the competitiveness of external proposals.  The Provost and the research community relies upon timely and accurate data regarding ongoing research so as to identify possible collaborative opportunities, and to help illustrate the return on investment for the long range plan and associated cluster hires. 

To this end, a new mandatory field will be added to the Coeus “Other” tab to collect information on the related Research Theme for the proposal:

  1. Health (
  2. Security (
  3. Sustainability (
  4. Other – to be used for research so basic that it can’t be tied to an application at its current stage of development, or for outreach programs like STEM that don’t fit any of the designated themes.
    • If “Other” is chosen, provide an explanation in the field “Research Theme-Other Explained.”

Questions about proposals should be directed to your Grant Officer; questions about Coeus should be directed to