Based on feedback and user comments, we have created new, more interactive formatted QuickCards for NIH and NSF. They are fillable PDFs, and can be used as a side-by-side guide as you create your proposal in Coeus. In addition to fillable information on due date, Coeus proposal number, and PI name, there are ‘checkboxes’ on the form that you can select as you complete/check that particular field/format requirement.

On the NSF form:  This checklist has a new section on Subcontractor requirements.  Specific attention should be paid to the Budget Justification requirements, as we have recently received clarification on the 3 page Budget Justification limitation (3 pages TOTAL, including subs).   Attention should also be paid to the requirement that SubAward Organizations MUST have an established NSF ID in Fastlane, and how to verify that outside of the Coeus proposal preparation process.

On the NIH form: This checklist has a new section on Subcontractor requirements, and combines information on the NIH Standard/K-Series/NRSA requirements into one document.

The new forms can be found on the Coeus QuickCards website.

If you have any questions about the requirements on the checklists, please contact your Grant Officer.