Questions have arisen regarding the cost share business process that was already in place with the paper PPF, and how the business process translates into Coeus.

For all mandatory cost share, and cost share agreed to by the Provost, there should be a letter of commitment attached as an “Other Institutional Attachment.”

On the Cost share distribution page, the “Source Account” field should list the name of the entity funding the cost share; DO NOT use the name “DEPT” or the funding account number.  This field is a reporting field, and consistency of data in this field is required for accurate reporting. 

Use the following list to fill the “Source Account” field:

  • Provost
  • Bouve
  • DMSB
  • COE
  • CPS
  • Law
  • CCIS
  • COS
  • CAMD
  • CSSH
  • Library
  • GC (for General Counsel Office...effective Nov 2014)

As was in the PPF, list ONLY one entity/line.  Add a second, third, etc. cost sharing distribution line per year if necessary, and manually divide the cost share percent and amount accordingly among the separate lines.  For example (select image to enlarge):

cost Share image

Please contact your Grant Officer with questions about cost share; Contact the Coeus Support Team with questions about Coeus.