Based on user feedback, the Office of Research Administration and Finance (ORAF) is changing the monthly Coeus training offerings to a model we believe will provide more value to our users.

The monthly offering of basic “Coeus 101” training has run its course, and users have requested more in depth training on particular parts of Coeus (e.g. Detailed Budget preparation, Uploading Attachments, Copying proposals, Sub-Awards, Foundations and other non-S2S proposals, Progress Reports, Changing and syncing Rates, Rolodex vs. Organizations vs. Sponsors, what can/can’t be changed after a proposal is routed, etc.).

Beginning November 5, 2014, monthly Coeus training will transition to be targeted on these and other topics, with “Coeus 101” training scheduled throughout the year at appropriate intervals (e.g. once/semester, in Spring, Summer, and Fall).  While the targeted sessions will be reduced to 1 hour (noon-1pm), the “Coeus 101” training will continue to be 1 ½ hours (noon-1:30pm).

The topics for the November 5th session will be:  Copying a Proposal (entire, or just parts), Syncing Rates, Changing Rates, Deleting Opportunities, and Adding or Changing Roles.  Suggestions for future topics are welcomed and encouraged.

Beginning in January 2014, the monthly session will move to the 2nd Tuesday of the month, same time, so as to have the session at what is believed to be a more useful time of the month for our user community.

To address the need for “Coeus 101” training throughout the year, ORAF is introducing 2 new training offerings:

  • 1 on 1 training with Craig Mannett (, Coeus Data Support Assistant…work on your proposal, get general Coeus instruction, or targeted instruction on a particularly challenging part of your proposal.  Craig will travel to your location to provide this training.
  • “Coeus Labs” - A new experiment where a group of PI’s and Grant Administrators work on their own proposal in a “lab” environment and Coeus “lab instructors” walk around to assist with individual proposals.  This can be held at the college location, or in 960 Renaissance Park.

We believe this new model of training offerings will provide the most benefit to our user community, and we welcome your feedback.

If you have questions related to grants, please contact your Grant Officer.  If you have questions about Coeus, please contact