To accommodate changes in the SF424 (R&R) Cover V2-0 Form C package, 2 new fields now appear at the bottom of the General Information tab in Coeus:

“Agency Routing Identifier" will map to SF424 field 4.b “Agency Routing Identifier;”  “Previous Tracking ID” will map to SF424 field 4.c “Previous Tracking ID” (used in “Changed/Corrected” applications).  Use these new fields as instructed in the program announcement.

The previous Form B package had the cover letter attachment type “PHS_Cover_Letter.” Form C retired that attachment type, and replaced it with type “RRSF424_Cover_Letter.”  If you have a proposal that was created before Form C was loaded, remove the attachment with previous type “PHS_Cover_Letter” and re-upload the cover letter as the new type “RRSF424_Cover_Letter.”

If you have questions about the use of the new FORM C package, please contact your Grant Officer.  If you have questions about Coeus, please contact