Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus: Daily release of proposal locks.

As you know, the Coeus application locks proposals (the budget and the general proposal, separately) when a user opens it.  If the user doesn’t properly log out of the proposal or Coeus, the locks are kept in place, blocking others from updating the proposal.  Other users must call the Coeus HelpDesk to unlock the proposal in order to work on it.

A script runs every morning at 6am to reboot the Coeus server to refresh it.  Given that we are already refreshing the server at 6am, we made a change to the 6am script to unlock all locked proposals at the same time.   This change will take effect on 7/29/15.

We continue to work with the community of users to collaboratively identify and assess new ways Coeus can further assist and support our researchers and research community.

Questions and suggestions about Coeus can be directed to