COEUS RR Key Person Expanded V1.2 form issue

An issue was discovered with opportunities that utilize the RR Key Person Expanded V1.2 form for System to System submissions. The role of Key Persons on the proposal must be one that is presented in the SF424 Key Person form … Continued

9 digits now required in Rolodex entries

The Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus. Rolodex entries for US addresses now require 9 digits only in order to save the record. US domestic zip codes in the Rolodex must be 9 digits … Continued

Degrees now loaded in Coeus

Based on user feedback, and by majority vote of the user community, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus: Degrees are now automatically loaded into the Coeus Person Table for all Active employees. [NOTE: … Continued

9 Digit zip codes in Rolodex

Recently, some system-to-system ( proposals have experienced errors related to 5 digit zip codes.  The Coeus Team investigated, including review of the SF424 guide, consultation with the Coeus developer, and guidance from NIH. The SF424 guide currently states that the … Continued

New COEUS search functionality

Based on user feedback, the Coeus Team is pleased to announce a new user enhancement in Coeus. When searching for proposals, you can now search by Funding Opportunity Number. Select the Proposal Search Button: Enter the Funding Opportunity number in … Continued

New Changed Procedure for NIH Subawards

Greetings: NOTE:  On February 26, 2015, NIH released a changed procedure for entering subawards that are not active in all periods of the prime budget. The new mandate states a user must input all periods in the sub award form, … Continued

ITS Network Outage

ALERT: There was a brief outage this a.m. between 2 of our data centers. Please report any application issues to 617.373.4357. Thank you. For more information follow Northeastern ITS on Twitter @NortheasterITS

Use of Electronic Signatures for Proposal Certifications in COEUS

Use of Electronic Signatures or Digital Signatures for proposal certifications in COEUS follows the Northeastern University “Policy on Use of Electronic Signatures.”  Federal Sponsor guidelines, State Sponsor guidelines, and Other Sponsor Guidelines will take precedence over Northeastern University Policy. By … Continued Outage February 14th – 17th

Good Afternoon: This weekend February 14 -17, 2015, GRANTS.GOV has scheduled a maintenance outage in order to provide users new features and fixes. This downtime will be scheduled to deploy these new enhancements. GRANTS.GOV production system will go offline Saturday, … Continued

NSF Cover page changes

The NSF cover page is changing to a new version 1.6. In the SF424 Kit, the fields to upload the Data Management Plan and the Mentoring Plan are moving to this page. The Coeus developers have created a patch to … Continued