COEUS Bug: Rate type in Budget summary

A bug has been discovered in COEUS whereby in some instances, the rate type on the Budget Summary screen is being changed from “Default” to “Off.” The issue has been confirmed and escalated for repair to COEUS Help. In the … Continued

COEUS Tip: PDF file attachments

While COEUS will allow the upload of any file attachment format, only PDF formatted attachments can be viewed by Approvers in the approval routing chain.   Also, when submitting proposals system-to-system, requires use of PDF file formatted attachments. The … Continued

COEUS News: New data fields in COEUS

In an effort to more accurately capture information in Coeus, we have created some new data fields: “Anticipated Award Type” (General Tab) – new type “SubGrant/SubAward”   Choose “SubContract” when the award would be a sub-agreement from a Contract (e.g. … Continued

COEUS News: Updated Coeus Lite Approvers Guide now available

For users who are approvers, a newly revised Coeus Lite Approvers Guide is now available on the COEUS Resources page. For questions about COEUS, please contact  For questions about proposal preparation, please contact your Grant Officer.

Coeus News: Changes coming soon to webpage…

The Coeus Team is working on some changes to the way information about Coeus is presented on the website, and how we can better communicate to our users.  Announcements such as this can be sent to you in an email … Continued

Coeus @ Northeastern

Welcome to the Information Resource website for COEUS. Northeastern University uses COEUS to manage proposal data and is the university’s system of record for all proposal data. COEUS is an enterprise University-wide electronic grant management system developed by MIT whose … Continued