Business Process Changes and Rolodex info

Based on customer feedback, and in an effort to improve the proposal submission process using Coeus, the following business process changes are being implemented. Sponsored accounts no longer required for Multi PI or Co-PI’s from Subcontracts on a proposal (can … Continued

New fillable NIH/NSF PDF checklists

Based on feedback and user comments, we have created new, more interactive formatted QuickCards for NIH and NSF. They are fillable PDFs, and can be used as a side-by-side guide as you create your proposal in Coeus.

Brief Planned Outage on Friday, 3/7/14 at 5pm

The outage is required to apply necessary Java updates to the Coeus server, and to apply a CoeusLite improvement to the “All Proposals” and “Proposals in Progress” pages.

COEUS News: REVISED process with SubAward Uploads

A revision has been made to the process for uploading SubAward budgets using the Coeus SubAward upload tool. Previously, instructions were that the periods of the SubAward budget form “must be compatible with” the periods of the proposal.  This was … Continued