COEUS News: REVISED process with SubAward Uploads

A revision has been made to the process for uploading SubAward budgets using the Coeus SubAward upload tool. Previously, instructions were that the periods of the SubAward budget form “must be compatible with” the periods of the proposal.  This was … Continued

COEUS News: Changes, Updated Quickcards, bugs

Since the Form C patch was applied to Coeus, there have been several attachment name changes for NIH proposals.  We have adjusted the “NIH Standard Opportunities” QuickCard to reflect these changes.   While they are all important, attention is called to … Continued

COEUS Bug: Rate type in Budget summary

A bug has been discovered in COEUS whereby in some instances, the rate type on the Budget Summary screen is being changed from “Default” to “Off.” The issue has been confirmed and escalated for repair to COEUS Help. In the … Continued

COEUS Tip: PDF file attachments

While COEUS will allow the upload of any file attachment format, only PDF formatted attachments can be viewed by Approvers in the approval routing chain.   Also, when submitting proposals system-to-system, requires use of PDF file formatted attachments. The … Continued