Based on customer feedback, and in an effort to improve the proposal submission process using Coeus, the following business process changes are being implemented.

  1. Sponsored accounts no longer required for Multi PI or Co-PI’s from Subcontracts on a proposal (can be added from the Rolodex)
    1. See the FAQ on how to add Non-NU investigators to a proposal:
    2. FAQ instructs how to address Home Unit, Division, and Credit Split entries now that these investigators are being added from the Rolodex
    3. The change to this FAQ is:
      1. Non-NU investigator is from a Sub-Contract on the proposal
        • Individual can be either a Multi-PI, Co-Investigator, or Key Study Person
        • Individual must be setup within the Rolodex
        • Add the person from the “Non-Employee Search” button
        • After adding the investigator, select “Details” on the investigator line
        • Insert the Lead Unit NUMBER from the proposal (e.g. 131100) to the “Home Unit” field
        • Insert the Lead Unit NAME (e.g. Biology) to the “Division” field
        • Fill in any missing information required by the solicitation and SAVE
        • If Investigator role is Multi-PI or Co-Investigator, Credit Split will be ZERO for the Non-NU individual, 100% to the unit
  2. How to correctly add a person to the Rolodex
    1. We have seen many errors on GG submissions that point to errors in how a Rolodex entry was made.  Unlike other Coeus schools, NU allows end users to add to the Rolodex; this has allowed for the introduction of errors to the Rolodex, resulting in submission errors.
    2. All Rolodex entries are available to ALL Coeus users – so even if the current proposal is NOT a submission, the Rolodex entry may be used in the future for a GG submission;
    3. Certain fields must be present and correct to avoid errors in submissions
    4. The instruction on how to add to the Rolodex has been updated to include more details:
      1. Select “Add New Rolodex Entry,” search the Sponsor table, and link Rolodex to the existing address of the Sponsor
      2. If Sponsor is not present…
        1. Submit a request to have the new Sponsor added to the Sponsor Table (RECOMMENDED - Saves entry steps, helps reduces errors, and helps in searching)
        2. Alternate method: Complete Rolodex entry without linking to Sponsor
          1. List of fields to be filled in, along with instructions NOT to use special characters, even if the company name includes a special character, is included on the webpage above
  3. Receipt and Postmarked button on the General Tab – confirmed optional
    • The button is only an information value for Northeastern University, and doesn’t translate to anything on the SF424.  Today, most of the submissions are electronic, either Coeus, or on occasion, SF424 Kit, and the deadline date is generally understood to be the date the submission must be received by the Sponsor.  Therefore, we will be training that selection of this button is OPTIONAL.

We appreciate your continued feedback on Coeus.  Questions about Coeus can be directed to