For details on entering a Detailed Budget in Coeus, refer to the QuickCard Detailed Budget Preparation through the e-Submissions webpage.

Entering a Detailed Budget in Coeus Lite:

  • Select the "Budget" link from the left navigaton frame
  • Select the "Appointment Type" for all Budget Persons, then select "Save." By default, Budget Persons are the people entered in the Investigator/Key Persons section.

Reminder: Most Northeastern Faculty have an 8 month appointment (September – April).

  • In Budget Set Up, section “Personnel,” make changes to Budget Personnel as needed; enter the Base Salary for all Budget Personnel.  The Base Salaries should be effective July 1st of the year prior to the start date of the proposal so that salary increases are applied (except TBA's - salary effective date should match the start date of the proposal).
  • Additional employees that are to be named on the proposal should be added as TBA's. Post-docs and graduate students can be added from the “Add TBA” link.  After updating the information, select “Save.”
  • Under Budget Set Up, you can Adjust Periods for the proposal and adjust Proposal Rates by selecting the appropriate tab.
    • When adjusting periods, the start date of the first period and the end date of the last period must match the start and end dates of the proposal on the General Information tab.
  • Once the general Budget Set Up has been completed, begin building Budget Period 1.  Select the Personnel Budget section, and the Add Person link.
  • You will be presented with a list of Investigators/Key Persons that were added in the Investigators/Key Persons section, as well as any other employees that were added in the Budget Set Up section, such as a Graduate Student. Select the checkbox at the top to add all investigators. Select the Save button.
  • You will be brought to the Personnel Budget page. Enter details pertaining to the Salary Type and Effort for that particular budget period, customizing each investigator.
  • Select the appropriate Salary Type from the drop-down menu.  Contact your Grant Officer if you need help matching a salary type to personnel.

Note: Salary type for Faculty during the summer is “Salary-Faculty Off Contract;” during the academic year, salary type for Faculty is “Salary-Faculty.”

    • Select the appropriate Period from the drop-down menu:
      • Academic: The 8-month academic year: September 1 through April 30.
      • Calendar: The 12-month calendar year.
      • Summer: The months not covered by the Academic period, May 1 through August 31.

At Northeastern, most Faculty have an 8 month appointment, with the Summer months recognized at 3.2 person months; Since Coeus would calculate a summer appointment at 4 months, use the Summer Salary Coeus Calculator on the Coeus webpage to determine the correct % Charged and % Effort to enter into Coeus.

  • Select the Add Person link to add other Budget Persons, including Faculty investigators if their work on the proposal spans over academic and summer periods (would be listed multiple times).
  • Calculate to see the impact to your budget and Save frequently to avoid being timed out.
  • Click the Save button once you have completed the necessary fields.
  • EquipmentTravelParticipant/TraineeOther Direct Costs are managed similarly in their respective sections.  Fill in the TypeDescription, (Quantity if listed), and Funds Requested fields. Descriptions entered will not print to the proposal with the exception of Equipment. Add as many budget lines as necessary.
  • Calculate to see the impact to your budget, and Save when completed.

NOTE: All budget items entered in the Other Direct Costs section will be consolidated to one budget line item when Coeus generates the final proposal budget on the RR Budget Form.

  • If you have completed your budget for period 1 you can go to the left side navigation and click Generate All Periods;
  • This action will copy the period 1 budget and generate the outgoing budget periods for the proposal. It will inflate the outgoing budget years based on the proposal rate established in the Proposal Rates section under Budget Set Up.
    • Please note:  Generate All Periods function can only be used once, so be sure your Period 1 budget is complete.    After all periods are generated, you can manually adjust the individual budget periods.
  • Once the budget has been completed, select the Budget Versions link from the left side navigation. Select the Final checkbox, change the Budget Status to Complete, and check/un-check the “Submit Cost Sharing” button as appropriate.  This will properly denote your budget as final.
    • If you create additional budget versions you can only mark one budget as final and complete.

Last Modified: March 2, 2016