Also, please review the Modular Budget QuickCard from the e-Submissions webpage.

Modular Budgets in Coeus can be created in one of two ways:

Sync with Detailed Budgets

  • Create a Detailed Budget, and with a Final COEUS detailed budget marked Modular on the Budget Summary screen, select Modular Budget on the Budget menu to sync the data for Direct Costs, Consortium F&A (subcontractors), and Indirect Costs data for the PHS form.
  • Select the Sync with Detailed Budget link. When asked if you want to Sync the budget, select OK.
  • Review the data defaulted in each of the Period tabs.  Select Save button.
  • Select the Budget Versions link from the left side navigation, and change the Budget Status to Complete; select Save.

Manually Creating a Modular Budget

If a Detailed Budget is not prepared in COEUS, manually enter required costs in the Modular Budget Screen (you must still check the Modular option on the Budget Summary screen):

  • Check the Modular Budget checkbox on the Budget Summary Screen, then select Save
  • From the left side navigation click the Modular Budget link. For Period 1, enter the Direct Cost less Consortium F&A amount in the provided field. Enter Consortium F&A costs (if any). Select the Add Indirect Cost link to create an entry line for the Indirect Cost data.
    • Enter Indirect Cost Type: MTDC, or as appropriate for your institution
    • Enter IDC Rate (%) – field expressed as a percentage...enter whole numbers
    • Enter IDC Base (from your non-Coeus Detailed budget)
    • Enter Funds Requested($)
    • Select the Save button
  • Repeat entries as needed for all remaining periods by clicking the Period 2 tab, Period 3 tab, etc.
  • Review the Cumulative screen to confirm totals
  • Return to Budget Summary by selecting the Budget Summary link from the left side navigation
  • Mark your budget final by checking the Final checkbox; change the Budget Status to complete, then select Save.

Last Modified: March 2, 2016