Cost sharing is the portion of the total project of a sponsored agreement that is contributed by the university and/or other non-federal sources but not reimbursed by the sponsor.

While Northeastern discourages voluntary cost sharing in a proposal (view the cost share policy here), sometimes it is required by the Sponsor.

For all mandatory cost share, and cost share agreed to by the Provost, there should be a letter of commitment attached as an “Other Institutional Attachment.”

Express cost sharing in your budget on each specific line item in each budget period (equipment, other direct costs, etc.).

To compute cost share on salaries, the % effort must be greater than the % charged.

percent effort  percent charged

To compute cost share on all other line items

  1. select the line item (e.g. Equipment) equipment
  2. enter the line item type
  3. and funds requested edit equipment - click save, then click edit.
  4. You can then enter the amount of cost share for that item.cost share info

When your budget is complete, click on the Cost Sharing Distribution button cost share distribution button


NOTE: On summary budgets, insert the cost share amount on the budget summary page:



The “Source Account” field should list the name of the entity funding the cost share; DO NOT use the name “DEPT” or the funding account number.  This field is a reporting field, and consistency of data in this field is required for accurate reporting.  

Use the following list to fill the “Source Account” field:

  • Provost
  • Bouve
  • DMSB
  • COE
  • CPS
  • Law
  • CCIS
  • COS
  • CAMD
  • CSSH
  • Library
  • GC  (for General Counsel Office)


List ONLY one entity/line.  Add a second, third, etc. cost sharing distribution line per year if necessary, and manually divide the cost share percent and amount accordingly among the separate lines.  For example:

cost share

Make sure each budget Period with Cost Share has a corresponding Cost Share Distribution line.

Please note that the Dean of your college (or designee) must approve all cost share requests.

Contact your Grant Officer with questions about cost share; Contact with questions about Coeus.

Last Modified: April 29, 2015