Why doesn't the budget in Coeus match my Excel spreadsheet?

COEUS uses complex algorithms to compute salary, raises, and inflation in real-time on the date they would actually occur. COEUS will escalate salaries on July 1 of each budget year, a level of detail not typically accounted for in spreadsheet calculations. For example, a budget with a start date of March 1 would not normally apply escalation until year 2 of the project; the salary increase effective July 1 would also not be calculated. COEUS calculations ensure that escalation occurs even if the escalation is in the middle of a budget year.

How do I split credit between two departments?

To manage credit splits in Coeus, navigate to the "Credit Split" link from the left side navigation. The total credit for all investigators must equal to 100%. If an investigator is listed under more than one unit, the total for all units under each investigator must equal 100%.

In the Budget Personnel section, what is the effective date of the Base Salaries?

The Base Salaries should be effective July 1st of the year prior to the start date of the proposal so that annual salary increases are applied (except TBA's - salary effective date should match the start date of the proposal).

How do I adjust the budget periods on my proposal?

Budget periods in can be edited directly from the Budget Pages in Coeus Lite.  From within your proposal, navigate to the "Budget" link; under Budget Set Up, select "Adjust Periods."  On this page, you can add, remove, and modify budget period dates as necessary, as long as the start date of period 1 and the end date of the last period match the start and end dates on the "General Info" page.   Changes to the proposal start and end dates must be made on the “General Info” page.

How do I upload the R&R Subaward budget form?

To upload a SubAward budget into Coeus, extract and complete the Adobe Research and Related budget form and save it for upload into the SubAward Budget in Coeus.  In your Coeus proposal, navigate to the Budget, generate all periods, and select the SubAward Budget link.  Select “Add SubAward,” and enter the required information.  For detailed instructions on this upload process, see the SubAwards Upload QuickCard through the e-Submissions webpage .

Last Modified: March 2, 2016