In order to route a proposal through Coeus for approval, a budget must be prepared and marked as complete and final.  You can create additional versions of your budget for comparison; however, you must choose one as the final version.  The sub-navigation available to the right will provide instructions on how to build a budget in Coeus.

To create a new Budget:

1. Select Budget on the left side navigation. budget icon

2. Select "Personnel," and enter base salaries effective July 1st of the year prior to the start of the proposal (except TBA's - use salary as of the date of the proposal).

personnel button base salary

3. Select the appropriate appointment type.

appointment type

4. Add any additional personnel needed by clicking on “Add Employee,”  “Add Non-Employee,” or “Add TBA.

add employee

5. Click Save.

6. Under Budget Setup, from the left side navigation click on Proposal Rates to make sure the rates are correct for your proposal and make changes if necessary.

proposal rates

    1. a. F&A or indirect rate
    1. b. Fringe rates
    1. c. Inflation rates for both salaries and other

7. Click Save

For more specific information, please refer to the CoeusLite Users Guide


Last Modified: November 8, 2017