New ePaws features

Based on continued user feedback, we have made several enhancements to ePaws: For the attachments Budget, Budget Justification, Abstract, and Full Application, the version number, author, and date/time saved are now shown Upon “Submit to GO,” all Approvers, Top Approvers, … Continued

ePaws and Coeus are Back Online

Greetings! ePaws and Coeus are both back online. A follow-up post will come shortly detailing the different enhancements we have made to ePaws. Thanks for your patience as we upgrade the Coeus server.  

Coeus/ePaws counter reset complete

The proposal counter has been reset in our database for the new Fiscal Year.  Users may now use ePaws and Coeus as usual. Thank you for your patience while we reset the counter.  Questions about ePaws or Coeus should be … Continued